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Wills & Estates


Estate planning documents include the following:  Last Will and Testament; Power of Attorney; and Healthcare Power of Attorney.


Last Will and Testament.  This document is only effective at the time of your death.  It allows the appointment of executors to administer your estate, the division of both real and personal property, and the appointment of trustees and guardians for minor children.


Durable or Financial Power of Attorney.  This document is only effective during your lifetime. It allows the appointment of an agent to handle your business affairs in the event that you become incapacitated.  This document must be recorded with the Brunswick County Register of Deeds in order for the agent to handle any matters related to real property.


Healthcare Power of Attorney. This document is only effective during your lifetime.  This document also includes the Declaration for Natural Death also known as the Living Will.  It allows the appointment of an agent to handle your healthcare needs in the event that you become incapacitated.  This document allows you to make elections concerning the extent of the agent’s authority, and the withholding and discontinuation of medical treatment, nutrition and hydration.


During an estate planning interview, we will discuss the following information:

  • Value and debt of all real property
  • Value and debt of all personal property including motor vehicles, stocks and bonds, business interests, and retirement investments
  • Provisions for minor children and grandchildren
  • Provisions for surviving spouses and contemporaneous deaths
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers for executors, trustees, guardians, agents for Power of Agent and Healthcare Power of Attorney, and alternates


Our firm also handles the administration of estates.

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