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License Restoration

License revocations can result from the accumulation of driver’s license points or the conviction of certain offenses.  Our firm handles restoration hearings for all types of license revocations.  Please note that periods of suspension and the eligibility requirements for hearings vary.  For instance, if you are convicted of two Driving While Impaired charges within a three year period, your license would be suspended for four (4) years.  However, you would be eligible for a restoration hearing after two (2) years. Further, you must not commit any moving violations during the suspension period.

Restoration hearings are requested by our firm from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  We only handle hearings in Brunswick County located at the DMV Office in Shallotte.

Restoration hearings related to DWI suspensions are a two-step process.  First, the DWI Interview is held by the DMV Hearing Officer.  At that Interview, the Hearing Officer further determines your eligibility requirements.  The Hearing Officer will provide you with a questionnaire to complete and return, a list of approved assessment agencies, information regarding witnesses for the restoration hearing, and a deadline for the completion of other requirements.  You will be required to complete an assessment with an approved agency, and complete a FBI background check.  Also if you have lived or worked in another State in the last seven years, the Hearing Officer may require criminal and driving histories from those States.  Second, if all requirements are met by the deadline, the Hearing Officer will schedule your Restoration Hearing.  At that hearing, you and your witnesses will testify regarding the restoration of your driving privilege.  This hearing can last from ninety (90) minutes to several hours depending on the testimony.  An attorney from our firm can assist in all steps of this process.

Requests for restoration hearings unrelated to DWI suspensions do not require an interview with the Hearing Officer prior to the hearing.  Once the hearing is requested, the Hearing Officer will notify you of your hearing date.  At that hearing, you and your witnesses would testify regarding the restoration of your driving privilege.  An attorney from our firm can assist in this process as well.

Please contact us regarding any questions that you may have regarding your eligibility or the requirements of a restoration hearing.

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